The Cadland coarse fishery was established in 1984 and has evolved to encompass four lakes covering 15 acres of water. The fishery is now renowned for its carp, with many fish over 20lbs and more than a handfull over 30lbs. The Perch have also grown to specimen size with a typical example 3-4lbs with several nearly 5lbs. There is a wide variety of other fish including roach, bream, tench and crucian carp.


There are four lakes. The main carp water at Billcombes, a large specialist carp water of 6 acres, which is reserved for the Carp Syndicate with limited membership. The average fish weight is between 25 and 35lbs. There is always a waiting list but prospective Members are encouraged to enquire.

Mopley Lake offers a variety of coarse fish for both members and day ticket holders. The carp are up to 25lbs and this lake holds specimen perch of 3-4lbs with the large fish just short of 5lbs, as was well as all the other coarse fish. It is an interesting lake to fish with three islands and several quiet areas with very attractive surroundings and a wide variety of wild life.

Dark Lane Lakes, two distinct lakes one 3.5 acres and the other 1.5 acres, the large lake is predominantly carp of up to 20lbs, the smaller lake holds smaller fish ideal for the younger angler. These are Members Only.

There is another 8 acre lake that is available to fish. This lake is for Carp Syndicate Members so interest welcome.


We offer the novice or specialist coarse fishing angler a chance to enjoy a days fishing throughout the year on its beautiful well stocked waters which are on the edge the New Forest National Park.

We offer Day or season permits at selected venues and a Carp Syndicate lake. Our Lakes are also available for hire by clubs wishing to hold friendly matches (numbers limited and syndicate lake excluded).

We are open for new Members at any time of the year.

Please contact Stuart Grieve on 07833 953 602 for more details - Insta @cadlandfisheries



It is a rare pleasure to be able to see ships and yachts passing through the Solent as you are out shooting in the English countryside, and Cadland being between the New Forest and the sea makes it all the more unique. The Cadland shoot is constantly evolving to improve both the presentation of the birds and the all round enjoyment of the day. The day is peppered with innovative and delicious game prepared by our superb chef, with almost all of the food sourced from within the Estate. We take enormous care in the enjoyment of refreshments during the day, ensuring that every pit stop offers a new sea view, a generous elevenses or an excellent lunch followed by tea. 


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