It is a rare pleasure to be able to see ships and yachts passing through the Solent as you are out shooting in the English countryside, and Cadland being between the New Forest and the sea makes it all the more unique. The Cadland shoot is constantly evolving to improve both the presentation of the birds and the all round enjoyment of the day. The day is peppered with innovative and delicious game prepared by our superb chef, with almost all of the food sourced from within the Estate. We take enormous care in the enjoyment of refreshments during the day, ensuring that every pit stop offers a new sea view, a generous elevenses or an excellent lunch followed by tea. 


September and October are entirely for partridges, during which season we enjoy somewhat of a Spanish shoot air with lunches on a cliff top in a specially designed shoot tent with vast oak tables and a view overlooking Cowes. Mixed bags with pheasant are from November with lunches hosted in a charming hut that was originally the famous Marchese Guillermo Marconi's workshop, from which he sent the first telegram to the Isle of Wight. (He was a tenant on the Estate until WWI).  Let days are available for between 250-350 birds. 


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